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Weather Radar and Alerts provides a user with the ability to turn on and off most layers. The current list of layers included are:

  • Radar
  • Warnings
  • Watches
  • Storm Attributes
  • Storm Reports

Most of the layers have additional settings. Please read the help page for each layer respectively for more information.


To manage map Layers, first press the Layers icon on the top right of the application.

A settings box will open from the right side, and here you can modify the settings for layers.


Radar (On/Off)

Turn Radar on or off.

Warnings (On/Off)

Turn Warnings on or off.

NOTE: Turning warnings off will also disable the Home Alert settings.

Watches (On/Off)

Turn Watches on or off.

Storm Attributes (On/Off)

Turn Storm Attributes on or off.

Storm Reports (On/Off)

Turn Storm Reports on or off.

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